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H50 5-part Hematology Analyzer for Better Result | EDAN

H50, the 5-part hematology analyzer, is a compact and efficient machine that is simple to operate. Only 3 reagents are needed to support reliable test result.

Best Hematology Analyzer You Can Rely Upon: 5-Part Hematology Analyzer, H50 From EDAN

In the modern era of automation, computerized methods have greatly replaced manual tasks. One great example of automation is hematological tests previously performed by human or manual procedures. However, these methods are still practiced in several peripheral labs that are labor-intensive. It requires other instruments like wintrobe tubes, hemocytometers Or counting chamber, stained blood smears, centrifuges and photometers. Hematology cell analyzers have great significance since they help in performing tests that may not be possible through manual technology and also generates blood test results quickly. 

Advantages of using H50 5-part Hematology Analyzer  

1.Effective speed and quick handling of plenty of samples

2.Labor requirements have reduced significantly

3.Multiple tests can be easily performed on a single platform

4.Known for its precision and accuracy in quantitative blood tests 

5.Accurately determines the red cell indices 

Go to the Next Level with 5-Part Hematology Analyzers

The first step that a doctor takes is to take CBC test (complete blood count) that helps him/her in evaluating the health of the patient. Automated Hematology analyzers are used in various places, including CBC screening clinics, doctor office laboratories, standalone laboratories. There are two parts – a 3part Hematology analyzer and 5part Hematology analyzer. The 3part technology is an older version uses in low volume solution providing laboratories. 5part Hematology analyzers are modern and are in trend. 

How does H50 5-part Hematology Analyzer work? 

H50 5-part Hematology Analyzer works on the principle of flow cytometry to distinguish WBC (white blood cell) into the major five sub-populations known as eosinophils, neutrophils, monocytes lymphocytes, and basophils. H50 5-part Hematology Analyzer is used in specialty laboratories as this 5part hematology instrument is designed to offer precise ,targeted and detailed assessment of your blood status. It is necessary to use a 5part hematology analyzer, especially when the distinction between basophils and eosinophils must be made from neutrophils. 

Improving Workflow Efficiency 

The greatest benefit of using the H50 5-part Hematology Analyzer is the ability of the instrument to flag and detect abnormalities in blood samples. It helps to offer workflow efficiency by lowering the number of suspicious flagging and manual differentials. The 5part hematology analyzer reduces the need for more manual examination of samples and offering accuracy and detailed information. H50 5-part Hematology Analyzer drastically lowers suspicious flagging by the rate of 10% as the 5part differential analyzer provides more detailed information. 

Improved Accuracy with Dynamic Gating Technology

Greater level of accuracy is achieved in dynamic gating technology in differential. This technology can be availed on a 5part differential hematology analyzer. H50 5-part Hematology Analyzer includes advanced and sophisticated gating technology that easily adjusts the thresholds between the arrangements of cell clusters and, in this way, improves the identification process of the cell population. 

5-part differential cell subtyping

H50 5-part Hematology Analyzer helps in differentiating the qualitative and quantitative measurement easily. This 5part differential analyzer offers accurate eosinophils, basophils, and monocytes counts. It makes it easy to measure the high or low level of white blood cells that can differentiate and flag abnormal samples, which can be sent for retesting to detect the presence of disease in patients. Therefore, a five-part differential analyzer offers important and accurate clinical details that are not possible for a 3part analyzer to attain. H50 5-part Hematology Analyzer is used in identifying and detecting clinically important conditions such as autoimmune infection or diseases. 

Clinical Benefits for the Evaluation of Critical Parameters

Physician tries to improve the patient care by using critical values accurately and ensures that they are notified about the life-threatening physical condition of patients timely. A 5part differential hematology analyzer helps in properly interpreting and evaluating the critical neutropenia by giving an appropriate count of neutrophil. Clinicians use the H50 5-part Hematology Analyzer to consider critical parameters without overseeing them. This instrument acts as a technological means that easily helps to identify qualitative cell morphological traits to distinguish between pathological and normal condition and this improves laboratory workflows by increasing the level of accuracy. In this way, it maximizes productivity even in low volume labs. 


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Excellent performance of the EDAN H50 on Eosinophil samples

ECGPatient MonitoringOB & GYNUltrasoundIVDPOCTVeterinary
High efficiency

High efficiency

Three reagents only to support test

Higher efficiency on diluent

Easy maintenance

Easy maintenance

Weekly-based mainteance

Modular design with lower maintenance difficulty

Reliable performance

Reliable performance

The combination of the flow-cell, the LED and the proprietary reagents provide excellent differentation of WBC

Reliable Performance

Longer Reagent Stability

Routine reagent

Reagents and Consumables

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