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Company News Exhibitions & Events COVID-19 Product Insights

EDAN Unveils Latest Innovations Integrating Intelligent Technologies at CMEF 2024


SHANGHAI, China, April 11, 2023 –  Edan Instruments, Inc. (300206.SZ), a leading healthcare company and medical device manufacturer, exhibited its cutting-edge product portfolio at the 89th China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF), held on April 11- 14, 2024, at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai. As one of the most influential events in the medical sector across the Asia-Pacific region, CMEF brought together over 5,000 exhibitors and attracted more than 150,000 professional visitors.

"We are dedicated to harnessing the power of artificial intelligence technology to revolutionize the healthcare industry,'' Alex You, EDAN's Senior Director of Global Marketing and Strategic Operations, emphasized the company's strategic direction, stating, ''This includes addressing health disparities, promoting global health equity, and empowering healthcare providers to deliver improved patient care. Our commitment to this goal is evident in our strategic initiatives and evolution over the past few years.''

Alex Sharing Insights @CMEF 2024.jpg

With this goal in mind, the products showcased by EDAN at the event included AI diagnostic devices, intelligent monitoring systems, and integrated healthcare solutions designed to optimize efficiency and accuracy in clinical settings. These innovations leverage advanced algorithms and data analytics to enable real-time decision-making and predictive healthcare management, aligning perfectly with the CMEF’s vision of a "New Tech, Smart Future."


EDAN Intelligent Healthcare Solutions.jpg

A comprehensive range of Patient Monitoring innovations have been presented, featuring the iV Series, iX Series, and the CMS. The newly launched telemetry systems iT30/50, which have captured considerable attention, were also showcased at CMEF for the first time.

Hands on Experience @CMEF 2024.jpg

EDAN unveiled a diverse lineup of innovative OBGYN products catering to various clinical needs, highlighted by the flagship fetal & maternal monitor F15 Air, FECG 1, and the pelvic floor rehabilitation system P4Pro, emphasizing its ongoing progress and influential position in women's healthcare technology.

F15 @CMEF 2024.jpg

In the ECG field, the company presented the flagship 12-channel model, SE-1202, and the new generation portable electrocardiograph, SE-1200 Pro. Additionally, the upgraded stress ECG workstation, ST-1515, was officially launched at the event.

EDAN ST1515 @CMEF 2024.jpg

For ultrasound, EDAN introduced the Acclarix AX9, a portable diagnostic ultrasound system powered by the leading-edge SynSight zone sonography platform. The Acclarix AX9 delivers exceptional imaging quality and automated solutions, enhancing profitability for healthcare providers.

Exchaning Insights with Clients @CMEF 2024.jpg

A major highlight in the Point-of-Care Testing field was the i500, a compact blood gas and chemistry analyzer ready for launch. The i500 offers benchtop features in a small footprint, catering to efficient and effective patient care.

i500 ABG Solutions @CMEF 2024.jpg


For more information about Edan Instruments and its latest innovations in healthcare technology, please visit www.edan.com.