Show 160 for 03/29/10
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Show 159 for 03/26/10
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Show 154 for 03/19/10
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Show 152 for 03/17/10
Jason Biggs Says Hi To, Pi Day, NetFlix Coming To Windows Mobile Phones, Free Domain

Show 151 for 03/16/10
Tia Carrere Says Hi To, Apple Pre-Sells 120,000 iPads In 1 Day!, Business Advice, Free Domain

Show 150 for 03/15/10
Delroy Lindo Says Hi To, Founder Of's New Company Ready To Go To Space, What To Watch When Buying Advertising, Free Domain

Show 149 for 03/12/10
Bridget Marquardt Says Hi To, South by Southwest Interactive, Film And Music Festival Starts Today, Business Story, Free Domain

Show 148 for 03/11/10
Shaun Sipos Says Hi To, AOL Throws Away $850 Million Dollars, Lifelock Gets A $12 Million Dollar Bill, Free Domain

Show 147 for 03/10/10
Sophie Turner Says Hi To, You Can Now Do Mobile HD Live Streaming, Business Networking Advice, Keeping Babies Safe, Free Domain

Show 146 for 03/09/10
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Colbie Caillat Says Hi To, Post Office May Stop Saturday Mail, Youtube Starting To Add Closed Captions To All Videos, Free Domain

Show 142 for 03/03/10
A.J. Buckley Says Hi To, Hulu Pulls The Daily Show And The Colbert Report, Make Sure You Know Your Email Address, Free Domain

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Show 136 for 02/23/10
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Show 113 for 01/21/10
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Show 98 for 12/31/09
Happy New Year's Eve!, 27 Billion Dollars Sold Online In 2009, Top 10 Tech Items For 2009, Free Domain

Show 97 for 12/30/09
Apple Gives $13.9 Million Salary, Tweet Your Weight To Everyone Every Time You Step On The Scale, Free Domain

Show 96 for 12/29/09
The World Bought 112 Billion Dollars Worth Of TVs This Year, Business Advice, Vizio, Free Domain

Show 95 for 12/28/09
CMT's Katie Cook - New Friend Of The Show, JaJah Sold For 207 Million Dollars, 23AndMe Gets Another 27.8 Million Dollars In Funding, Lindsay Lohan, EHarmony, Free Domain

Show 94 for 12/25/09
Merry Christmas, Microsoft Update, Free Domain

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Google May Buy Yelp For A Half Billion Dollars Or More, Stream Live Video From Your Cell Phone, Do Not Valet Your Car, Free Domain

Show 88 for 12/17/09
Accept Credit Cards On Your Phone, $22,000 Cell Phone Bill, Chinese Rocket Fly By, Free Domain

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Chinese Government To Police Social Games, Friendster Sells For $39.5 Million, McDonald's Gives Free Wi-Fi, Wireless Parking, Free Domain

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Google Phone Coming Out, Google Phone Pictures, URL Shortener, The Hangover Movie Out Today On DVD, Free Domain

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Show 84 for 12/11/09
Altamont Pass Wind Farm, First U.S. Ocean Wind Farm, GE Wins $1.4 Billion Wind Farm Contract, AOL Finally Regains Independence From Time Warner, Road Warrior Weekend, Free Domain

Show 83 for 12/10/09 Gets 20 Million Monthly Visitors, Copenhagen Climate Summit: Global Warming Caused By Sun's Radiation, Droid Wins Time Magazine Gadget of the Year, First Tandem Backflip, Free Domain

Show 82 for 12/09/09
New Website: For Music Videos, MySpace Acquires iMeem, Hulu And Alec Baldwin, Free Domain

Show 81 for 12/08/09
Christopher Atkins Announces The Show, Google Fade In, LaLa Bought For 17 Million, Don't Download Every Phone App, Physics Paper Airplane Trick, Free Domain

Show 80 for 12/07/09
Apple Acquires Lala, FCC Wants To Know About Verizon Huge Fees, Awesome University Light Show, Free Domain

Show 79 for 12/04/09 Turns 5, Goes Out For 30 Minutes, Steve Wozniak Speech On How He Invented The Personal Computer, Free Domain

Show 78 for 12/03/09
Comcast And GE/NBC Universal Announces Joint Venture, Awesome Magazine Tablet, - HD Movie Clips, Free Domain

Show 77 for 12/02/09
Guillaume Dabinpons, TV Star From The Hit Show "Lost",  Amazon Gets Huge Traffic On Cyber Monday, Chuck Norris Says Climate Change Is A Con Game, Gets Another $5 Million In Funding, Free Domain

Show 76 for 12/01/09
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Show 75 for 11/30/09
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Show 74 for 11/27/09
Wait For Cyber Monday, Remote Control Bowling Ball, Sells For $1.5 Million, Don't Buy Gift Cards, Free Domain

Show 73 for 11/26/09
$197 Laptop, More Black Friday Deals, Worlds Biggest Multi Touch Wall, Free Domain

Show 72 for 11/25/09
Palm Pixi Now Only $25 And Palm Pre Only $79, Wikipedia Losing Volunteers, Great Evian Ad, Free Domain

Show 71 for 11/24/09
Woot Deal Of The Day,, Swype - An Easier Way To Type On Your Phone, Free Domain

Show 70 for 11/23/09
Twitter Adds GeoTagging, Amazing Robots, Rent Text Books, Free Domain Promo.

Show 69 - 11/20/09
Five Finger Shoes, Ebay Sells Skype For $2.75 Billion, Twitter Says You Will Love Their New Advertising Business, Google Chrome OS Loads In 7 Seconds. Free Domain Promo.

Show 68- 11/19/09
Apple’s Black Friday Deals, Livescribe Pen, Wi-Fi For The Flip Video Camera, Free Domain Promo.

Show 67- 11/18/09
Rupert Murdoch Says No More Newspapers, Microsoft Stores Offer Dancing, Microsoft Azure Opens In January, Free Domain Promo.

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Show 65- 11/16/09
MojaMix - Create Your Own Cereal, Black Friday Deals, Sean Hannity Apologizes To Jon Stewart, Website Advice, Free Domain Promo.

Show 64- 11/13/09
Verizon Says Don't Download Music Or Movies,,,, Coming Out With 1080P, Apple Is Amazing Video, Xbox Project Natal, Free Domain

Show 63 for 11/12/09
Our Show Is Now Daily! Rupert Murdoch Wants To Charge For Online News, Verizon Droid, Amazon Prime, Free Domain

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