Dan Doherty - From TV actor to Internet Entrepreneur. 

Dan on his #1 N.B.C. TV show and other TV shows.


Dan hosting his popular tech show.

He left the acting business to start an Internet business in 1995 and has never looked back.

Dan is currently the founder and CEO of TipTopWebsite.com where this website was made. 
Dan hosted very popular online tech show from 2008-2010 and had many of his celebrities friends joined in.
Dan Doherty co-hosted the NBC #1 Game Show Caesars Challenge from 1993-1994.
Dan went on to guest star on many shows including Married with Children and General Hospital.

Dan's name on the HUGE Caesars Palace marquee in Las Vegas


Dan, his Dan doll and Ahmad Rashad
on the #1 N.B.C. TV show Caesars Challenge


Dan on Married with Children


Dan on General Hospital


Dan on a talk show


Dan on E!


Dan with Derek Jeter in New York


Dan with Chuck Liddell and Brad Penny in San Francisco


Dan on a Coke commercial with Jeff Altman
Dan tucked his hair in the helmet for this commercial


Dan Doherty coaching the Special Olympics.
Dan and his sons have been coaching the N.J. Special Olympics baseball team for years and had the opportunity to help the team win the first ever Special Olympics baseball gold medal.




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